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Do you know what's good for you?

Teen girl with glass of water Are you looking and feeling your best? If not, eating better could be the answer.

Use our quizzes to suss out how healthy you are. Then sort it out!

1. To help you get clear skin, you should bag yourself some...
a) Luck
b) Fruit and vegetables
c) Facial wash
2. Wholemeal bread contains:
a) The same fibre as white bread
b) Twice the fibre of white bread
c) Everything you need for a whole meal
3. Which contains more iron?
a) Beef
b) Dried apricots
c) Spinach
4. Crisps are...
a) High in fat and salt
b) OK for an occasional snack
c) A way of life
5. You want to get healthy. What do you do?
a) Follow the latest celeb diet
b) Run a marathon
c) Eat a balanced diet and get active
6. There's most vitamin C in:
a) Kiwi fruit
b) Apples
c) Shampoo
7. Omega 3" fatty acids can boost heart health. But where can you find them?
a) Kippers and salmon
b) Between the Omega 2 and 4 fatty acids in the supermarket
c) Nuts
8. What's better for you?
a) Steamed broccoli
b) Boiled broccoli
c) Fizzy drinks

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