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This stands for hypertext mark-up language and is the basic file format used on the Internet. This page is in html format. We aim to make as much information as possible available in this format. Sometimes data may be made available in the following alternative formats:

This stands for portable document format. pdf files are fully printable documents and are used for downloading and printing large documents. To read them you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge.

Adobe has also produced a plug-in to allow users who are blind to read pdf documents. It is called Acrobat Access plug-in and can also be found on the Adobe website.

If you have problems opening pdf documents, you might find it easier to download the files to your computer. If you wish to download the file to your computer, please follow this procedure:

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This file format is used for some design elements of the site. You will need the Flash software, which is available free, to view these files.


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Adobe have produced a plug-in to allow users who are blind to read pdf documents. See Acrobat Access for more information.

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