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Healthy hearts

Love your heart

Poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking are the main offenders behind England's high number of deaths from heart disease. Find out what to do to keep your heart fit for purpose.

Women and heart disease

Heart disease is the biggest cause of death for British women. Use these nine tips for women to protect yourself.

Sam Allardyce

'My heart op shock'

Football manager Sam Allardyce talks about his heart operation and how regular visits to his GP may have saved his life.

Travelling with a heart condition

Travelling with a heart condition, including vaccinations, travel insurance, air travel, pacemakers and ICDs.

Top 10 healthy heart tips

Heart disease can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Find out the top 10 ways to a healthy heart.

Lower your cholesterol

A fatty diet can raise your cholesterol, increasing your risk of heart disease and stroke. Get food tips for lowering your cholesterol.

Derek Edwards

'My smoking scare'

A life-long smoking habit nearly cost Derek Edwards his life. Fortunately, he says he's learned his lesson.

Kids and heart disease

Keeping your child active and teaching them about healthy eating will benefit them for life.

Diabetes and your heart

People with diabetes have a high risk of heart disease but there’s a lot they can do to lower the threat.

Is your blood pressure healthy?

Avoid high blood pressure by making some simple lifestyle changes.

Heart rhythm problems

An arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat that can seriously affect a person's quality of life and even cause death. But it's not easy to identify.

Julie Fear

'My arrhythmia was diagnosed as epilepsy'

Until her heart condition was detected, Julie Fear had lived for nearly 30 years with the wrong diagnosis.

Arrhythmia checklist

A checklist to help you and your doctor determine whether or not you have a heart rhythm problem.


Shortness of breath

Why you should see a doctor if you're feeling breathless

Video: pacemaker animation

This animation explains how a healthy heart works, what could cause irregularities in the heart beat and how a pacemaker is implanted into the chest to regulate the heart beat.

The heart conditions blog

People with a heart condition talk about their illness, treatment and how they live their lives.

Heart palpitations

Does your heart occasionally flutter or start pounding? Read about the common causes for this