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Knowledge Compendium

Managed Motorways Future Design

Project Details

Project Background

In the interests of best value, the Highways Agency is continuing to look into modifications to the generic Managed Motorway (MM) design and is considering revised infrastructure requirements for the MM Schemes to be deployed.
For those schemes due to start construction in 2011/12 we have incorporated the most up to date designs that utilise the learning from operating the M42 and M6, helping to reduce the costs and level of infrastructure provision.
In developing our thinking for the next generation of MM schemes we have been investigating how we can make further changes to the “engineering” of MM schemes to reduce costs and scheme delivery timescales.
This project is necessary to assess/develop the revised requirements and produce associated guidance for an evolved MM concept that will enable significant savings to be realised.

Project Objectives

To develop Design Requirements and Guidance for the consistent and safe implementation of the MM Future Design and to provide significant cost savings to the MM programme;
To produce a generic hazard log for the MM Future Design and a Generic Safety Report for the MM Future Design concept that demonstrates that there is no loss in safety performance;
To carry out activities in support of the implementation of the MM Future Design into the MM programme of schemes.

Project Summary

The focus of this project is the production of Design Requirements and Guidance for the MM Future Design schemes. This will primarily consider the physical features and technology deployed on the MM Future Design. In addition other supporting activities are included within this task to ensure that the Design Requirements and Guidance (“the documentation”)is adequately supported during its implementation. The Design Requirements will be issued in the form of an Interim Advice Note (IAN) which details the Agency's requirements for implementing a MM scheme.

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